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Chess is everything: Art , Science and Sport.

Benefits of Chess

It increases kid’s problem-solving skills

Chess improves your IQ

It increases the creativity of your kid's

It improves your concentration .

Chess improves spatial skills

Chess helps prevent Alzheimer’s

What our champions have to say Testimonials

Sameer’s logical approach towards teaching chess helped my kid to take better decisions on the board and play fearless chess. We will highly recommend CHESS SaGa.

Jayanth Dattatr

Father of Ayush J Yajaman, 1467 FIDE Rated Player

We are very happy with the coaching in CHESS SaGa. We are confident that Swara Lakshmi can excel in chess with the alround support and guidance getting from CHESS SaGa.

Suresh Kumaran Nair

Father of Swara Lakshmi Nair, 1185 FIDE Rated Player

Chess SaGa coaches Sameer and Gahan are very dedicated and skilled coach. The best point is that they have increased Pragy's interest in chess multifold. They teach the concepts in so kids friendly manner that kids love it. Thanks a lot Sameer and Gahan..

Rashmi Srivastava

Parents of Pragy

Sameer and Gahan are hard working and result oriented coaches who make chess interesting for kids. Thanks for their efforts. Highly recommend for passionate chess players!!!

Bhanu Prakash Bommakanti

Sameer Sir and Chess Saga is a very lively place for people to not just learn Chess but enjoy it! Drishtee had almost lost interest in Chess before we decided to shift her to Chess Saga. Since then we find it difficult to make her focus on anything else but Chess! The credit goes to Sameer Sir.

Debadrita Ghosh

Sameer and Deepa are wonderful mentors. My 6yr old child had great fun whilst learning his chess. They are very patient, keen, friendly with children and thorough professionals. Leavening chess is fun when it’s sameer and Deepa are the mentors for kids. Thank you both. Definitely recommend this academy

chess saga
Jayvibhav sanganakal

Teaching kids chess requires lot of patience and good teaching methodology. Sameer is helping my son and I could see huge difference when we compare to previous chess mentors.Sameer is very friendly, gives logical explanation and makes playing chess fun for kids..

Srinivasan Krishnan

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